XeCoin is a Core X-11 hybrid coin


It is one of the first fully functional, fully hybrid concurrent POW and POS coins available on the market today. The technology that founds XeCoin is considered to be a revolutionary step in blockchain development.

XeCoin is underwritten with electricity that is developed using American Lithium Nanotechnology. This fact makes Xe one of the first coins underwritten by a commodity. XeCoin 50% faster than BTC with 5 min block times and represents a venture to new angles in the cryptocurrency community.

Mining is the tried and true method of community development in the cryptocurrency space. However, mining has one large caveat that affects the entire network: capital gain optimization. For instance, hash power is frequently redirected to and from coins that are most profitable to mine. Therefore, other incentives for mining may be offered beyond pure profit to incentivize miners. In this case, that incentive is clean energy. Dual-incentives, a double bottom line, ensures a steady hash-rate which can lead to a significantly less volatile coin. A low volatility coin is a significantly safer investment and can serve as a hedge for more wild positions in a portfolio.

XcCoin and Decentralization:

Most hobbyist miners in college dorm rooms and at home have long switched their processing power to new coins like ETH and XMR because of the return. Unfortunately, this exodus of small miners has consolidated the mining space to be composed of large miners only. Next to no small miners remain and now the BTC network is in the hands of a few massive mining farms. This whole process creates a centralized network where most BTC are owned and mined by a few parties. Is this decentralized still? XeCoin is truly democratized. There is no large farm in China or Scandinavia supporting the network. The network is supported by individuals across the globe who have a vested interest in energy and free markets.

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Algorithms up to 10x Faster than Bitcoin

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The team behind the XeCoin is bringing years of experience in building successful direct to consumer marketing initiatives globally. With a proven history of creating affiliate models and memberships of millions of potential customers, this partnership will strive to yield positive return on a commodity that everyone uses today. The synergy is exceptional and by combining the track record of the two companies, we open up a world of opportunities in the democratized energy market.

- Global Power’s President, Arve Evensen

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